why Us


**We own one of the largest sensual dance studios in the country( our sister company PoleLaTeaz LLC) and have taught tens of thousands of women at our studios in Atlanta . We have trained tons of everyday women like yourself to be superb instructors.
**We have been teaching this unique movement for over 13 years! Our instructors are known for their outstanding choreography skills, fluid movements, and sexy dance styles.
**The SEXIFY Training Program is designed to teach participants how to instruct sensual dance to the everyday woman.  We utilize our signature "loose choreography" methodology and give instructors tools on how to create easy but challenging weekly routines to keep classes fresh and students engaged.
**SEXIFY classes are for the everyday woman and are attainable. You don’t need to be super flexible, crazy strong, etc… Our classes can be very challenging but with practice any woman can be successful with our curriculum.
**SEXIFY classes can be taught pretty much anywhere. There is little to no equipment needed to run our classes so gyms/dance studios/yoga centers will be more willing to give you a possible teaching position since there is really no financial investment needed on their part.
**The SEXIFY training program not only teaches you the exercise science behind the moves but also how to be a mesmerizing dancer. This is crucial to you being a successful teacher. Our program covers how to become a fluid dancer which is what truly sells your classes (and good instruction keeps them!) Many programs just teach you moves; we teach you the moves AND how to string them together to make your dance look effortless.
**Music and Playlist Training:  This is so important and overlooked in many training programs…except ours!! Music is another important component to your classes that keeps clients coming back. We will teach you how to make music an experience for your students and not just merely background noise. You also receive a handbook with 20 playlists to get you started.
**Our teachers are everyday women! This is a huge selling point to potential clients. Many of our instructors don’t even have a dance background and started off as students. Since you know the journey you will be able to guide your students even better.
**Freestyle/Improvisational Dance Training: We will cover how to make your freestyle dances flawless. This is another important skill that is needed so you can always dance on the spot and not feel stressed out about it. We have “tried and true” methodologies to help you become a better freestyle dancer.
**Optional Shadowing Apprenticeship (fees apply):  You can add on a 2 or 5 day apprenticeship where you will be able to shadow live classes with an experienced master level instructor at our Atlanta headquarters. This really helps for you to see how a live class flows, questions that students ask ,etc.. We do mock classes during the training but nothing is better than the real thing!
**Training includes our "Secrets To Success" methodologies! Learn the tricks of the trade to make you successful.
**Continuing education:  All certified instructors have access to our "Red Room" Instructor Network. We will post different choreography routines, moves, playlists, marketing material and much more.  This will help to keep your classes fresh and innovative.
**Annual Retreat: We are hoping to offer a retreat once a year where we can come together and share new moves, routines, new music, and other topics relevant to teaching.