Continuing education is very important for the brand and our instructors. We REQUIRE this subscription fee  for instructors to have an active license to teach SEXIFY. We do this to ensure our instructors are the best in the industry and are always up to date on everything SEXIFY! We give you the necessary tools to make sure you are successful in your journey as an instructor. Please read below to find out all the benefits to joining our network.



Allows certified instructor to use SEXIFY trademarked names in their class offerings.

Your Red Room subscription allows you teach indefinitely. No need for additional fees. Your subscription keeps your license active and up to date.

Full music playlists are given to our instructors on a monthly basis. This allows instructors to keep classes fresh and students happy.

New dance sequences/moves  are given monthly and full choreography every 2 months. This makes your lesson planning so much easier! And you have access to all videos from training.

Online access to SEXIFY™ resource website for updates and “done-for-you” downloadable marketing materials & strategies, logo graphics, and marketing videos; LICENSEE’S will have their names listed on the “certified instructors” portion of the SEXIFY™ website. 

Connect with a network of new and experienced instructors to share ideas, music, etc.... Nothing beats our tribe of instructors