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Sensual Movement Dance Specialists

We’re looking for dynamic fitness/dance instructors to join our team and share the SEXIFY movement. No prior experience with sensual dance is required. 



1. The SEXIFY Training Program is designed to teach participants how to instruct sensual dance to the everyday woman. Our core classes include: wall dancing, sensual/exotic dance, floorwork, sexy chair dance, shadow dance, striptease, and much more! (No Nudity). Our classes can be taught ANYWHERE since few props, if any, are needed.

2. The SEXIFY training program not only teaches you the exercise science behind the moves but also how to be a mesmerizing dancer. This is crucial to you being a successful teacher. Our program covers how to become a fluid dancer which is what truly sells your classes (and good instruction keeps them!) Many programs just teach you moves; we teach you the moves AND how to string them together to make your dance look effortless. 

3. The SEXIFY training program includes ways on how to put weekly choreography together which many instructors tend to struggle with if their background is not in dance. We utilize our signature "loose choreography" methodology and give instructors tools on how to create easy but challenging weekly routines to keep classes fresh and students engaged. We have an instructor network in which we distribute new choreography, innovative moves/sequences, dynamic playlists, and much more


Want to offer something different at your local gym/dance/yoga studio? Would you like to teach this unique movement but don’t know where to start? This program is for you! It is helpful that you have some kind of experience as a student or familiarity with sensual dance but not required. (Our training team excels in teaching everyday women how to teach our unique classes)
Would you like to spice up your class offerings?  Increase you income? Have one of our trainers come to your facility to host training with your instructors.  Our sensual dance classes don’t require many props (if any) and are geared towards everyday women. Stand out from other studios with classes that help to retain your clients. This training is also great for current pole studio owners who do not have a solid sensual dance program in place.
Want to offer something different to your students beside pole classes?Are you in pole overload? Do you struggle with creating routines or don't have the time to create choreography on a weekly basis? This training will enhance your teaching skills and marketability. Add some of our sensual dance classes to your schedule.You will see your retention rates go up with our attainable classes for everyday women.